Admission Procedure

  • The aim of Dar-e-Arqam School (DAS) is to impart quality education with an endeavor to assure that Islamic values are fully integrated with the student’s life and academic program.
  • Admission policy of the school is non-discriminatory, and the school offers admissions to all children of any race, color, gender, national and ethnic origin.
  • The children who are admitted to the school are given equal access to all rights, privileges, programs, sporting and other activities (co-curricular and extra-curricular) generally accorded
  • Admission will be strictly based on the (i) merit, (ii) available number of seats in a particular class, (iii) admission aptitude test result and (iv) the ability of parents/guardian to pay school fees with or without financial assistance.
  • Applications received timely (by closing date) will be given preference over late applications, and the school will consider late applications only if places are still available in the school.
  • The school administration reserves the right to accept or reject the applicant for admission or to re-enroll a student, and the decision of the administrator to accept or reject the student’s application for admission or re-enroll is final.
  • All students in the school are expected to be supportive of the ethos of the school and be ready to participate enthusiastically in activities like academics, sports, societies and religious programs during the school life.
  • Registration will be held from January to March (Spring Intake) and August to September (Fall Intake) each year. All parents/guardians wishing to enroll their children must fill out an application (Registration Form), which will be followed by an admission aptitude test and interview (if needed). The assessment of the applicant is conducted for establishing his/her suitability for the grade applied for admission and academic talent necessary for the child to access the school’s program within the levels of support that are available. If the applicant fails to obtain required score (required for the gradehe/she intended to seek admission) in the test, then he/she shall not be eligible for admission in any other grade as well.
  • The candidates who are declared successful will be issued admission forms.
  • The successful candidate must return duly filled admission form to the Admission

    i. CNIC copy of Parent/Guardian.
    ii. Certified copy of Birth Certificate/B form.
    iii. Two 1×1 sized recent Photographs of the Applicant.
    iv. School Leaving Certificate Original (only for migration admission).

    Note: For migration admission, a record of the child’s Code of Conduct from the previous school may be requested if deemed necessary.


  • Once the admission is approved by the Principal, necessary Fee Challan is issued, and admission will be confirmed on deposit of fee as given below: (details can be seen in the DAS fees policy document)
  • The parent(s)/Guardian(s) of candidates whose admissions are confirmed will also
    be asked to sign the Undertaking/Code of Conduct Agreement.
  • Children must be three (3) years old by 1st March of the year of admission and toilet trained in order to enter Dar-e-Arqam Pre-School.
  • Children must be in the age between three and half (3.5) to five (5.0) years by 1st March of the year of admission to get placement in Nursery class.
  • Children must be of age ranging between four and half (4.5) to six (6.0) years by 1st March of the year of admission to enter kindergarten (prep).
  • Children intended to seek admission to class 1 to 8 must be of age as under:


   Age (Years ) by 1st  March









   6.0 – 7.0

   7.0 – 8.0

   8.0 – 9.0

   9.0 – 10.0

   10.0 – 11.0

   11.0 – 12.0

   12.0 – 13.0

   13.0 -14.0

Guidelines for the admission aptitude test are as follows:


Generally, the following parameters will be taken into consideration for the assessment of Pre-School candidates:

  • Reading level of child
  • Vocabulary
  • Concepts of colors and numbers
  • Confidence of child
  • Level of spoken
  • Motor skills (how child sits, walks and talks).

Class One Onwards

Applicants for class one onwards will be tested for four main subjects:

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Class two onwards)

Students should be properly equipped with pencil, eraser, sharpener and clip board. The paper
will be of general nature designed to test the aptitude of the child in the basic subjects. Duration
for each paper will be approximately one hour and the students with at least 50% marks will be
considered pass. Admission will be on merit base & availability of seats.

The policy of Dar-e-Arqam School to collect school fees and other charges is two pronged; to ensure that parents timely pay all dues for a sustainable service delivery in the school and ii) to support those families experiencing genuine inability to pay fees so that enrolment of their kids may not be compromised in line with the mission and vision of our school. The school fees collection policy is outlined below, and all Parents, Guardians and Students must follow it in letter and spirit.

  1. Admission Fee (Non-refundable) will be charged once from every new student at the time of admission. Security Fee (if applicable) is also payable only at the time of admission and is refundable at the time of withdrawal.
  2. The Annual Resource Charges will be paid annually by every student.
  3. There is five percent (5%) discount for full payment (one year) of tuition fee by July 10.
  4. The tuition fee shall be charged monthly in advance for all grades/classes, and tuition fee cut-off date is 10th o f every calendar month.
  5. If a monthly payment is not received by the due date as noted on the tuition fee bill, a late fee fine of Rs. 15 per day will be charged till the expiry of validity date of the bill (challan form), which is 20th of every month. After the expiry of validity date, the tuition fee bill will be considered invalid, and new fee bill will only be issued with an additional fine of Rs. 20/-per fee bill plus the late payment charges incurred till that day.
  6. The fee defaulters (students whose fees remain payable even after the expiry of Due/Validity Date) are issued periodic reminders followed by the Final Reminder, thereafter the student will not be permitted to attend class until the total amount due,
  7. Parents/Guardians habitually defaulting on fees payment have the risk of making their children liable to being struck off the school roll.
  8. Re-applying will be treated as a fresh enrolment and processing of such application will be subject to the vacancy and clearance of all outstanding dues and penalty amount.
  9. Where a parent/guardian believes financial circumstances have arisen that will prevent or delay the payment of the school fee, a variety of options are available, such as
    • Extension of Time
      If an extension is required, please contact the school Finance Manager prior to the due date.
    •  Payment Plans
      Payment of the school fee can be made by regular installments. All payment plans must ensure that the account is cleared by the last day of the academic session (year)or as negotiated with the Finance Manager.
    • Fee Concessions
      In cases of financial hardship an application may be made for a fee concession.
      • Concession applications are accepted at the commencement of each academic year
        or at any point initiated by the family. Concessions are issued for a maximum period
        of 12 months within a calendar year. Consideration for a subsequent 12-month period will require a new application.
      • Fee concession application forms are available at the school office.
  10. Fee Bills will be issued latest by 28th of each month prior to the billing month and sent to home through students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire from the school’s office if they have not received the fee bill by the 5th of the billing month. All dues will be paid directly either in cash to the school’s office or to the schools specified branches of a bank. The payment ‘due date’ and the fee bill
    ‘validity date’ is marked on the fee bill, and late fee will be collected by the school office/bank at the time of payment.
  11. Admission Fee, Annual Resource Charges/ other charges are non-refundable under any circumstances. For students leaving in mid-month, balance payment of tuition
    fee is not refundable. No refunds for any payments will be made if student is suspended
    on disciplinary grounds or the student is found in breach of the student code of conduct,
    and parent /guardian will be liable for paying up any damages caused to the school property
  12. The school reserves the right to hold student’s transcripts, grade reports, school leaving
    and other certificates if the dues have not been cleared.
  13. All parents and guardians responsible for guaranteeing school dues payment will
    read and sign an undertaking for compliance with the school’s policies as outlined
    in the ‘Admission Pack’.
  14. Student seeking late enrolment in the school (after the commencement of the
    academic session) will be considered a fresh admission and shall be liable to pay all
    dues admissible under the school fee policy.
  15. Fees will be payable for the whole period in w hich extended leave by a student is taken.
  16.  If parents intend to withdraw their child from the school, one-month prior written
    notice to the school office is m andatory. Alternatively, one-month fee will be
    charged on leaving school. Student is bound to return school belongings (text books,
    library books and all accessories etc.) in his possession before leaving the school. If
    any fees remain outstanding, it will be payable as per the normal payment terms.
    as determined by the school management.
    condoned or reduced in any circumstances.
  17. The security deposit will be refunded in full at the time of the ‘withdrawal’ of the
    student or request for School Leaving Certificate after completion of studies or
    otherwise provided that the student has paid all his/her dues and the school has no justifiable claim outstanding.
  18. The fee discount policy of the school is as follows:
    (a) 20% sibling discount is available to third child onwards of a family studying in the
    (b) 50% discount is available to the children of the school staff i.e. teachers, administrative
    staff and the class 4 employees.
    (c) A special discount of Rs 200/- per month is available to the child of any public/ private
    sector teacher.

Please contact with your relevant city campus for fee details.

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