Education and educationists at Dar-e-Arqam are not confined to the four walls of the school. Education is formally and systematically provided with a broad view of the curriculum but it does not end there. In our opinion, it is a continuous process and goes on from the cradle to the grave. Life and its experiences teach us several important facts. Thus we may conclude that the education imparted in formal schools is only a part of the whole and the process is influenced by the religious, social, and traditional background of the society. Therefore, care of this background is a shared responsibility between home and school. Working with parents, families, and the community is considered an essential element of teaching at Dar-e-Arqam.

The development and maintenance of Islamic culture and civilization are basic objectives as the creation of Pakistan was the result of our desire to develop all walks of life according to the Islamic values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. So we believe that education should set forth to equip our students with a moral force and a sense of justice, learning process should enable them to think correctly and behave properly, it should inculcate the spirit of serving the helpless and the downtrodden. Knowledge should be considered as the pursuit for truth and a desire to struggle for the noble causes in the fields of science, Arts, Social justice, and welfare. Therefore, Dar-e-Arqam aims to prepare our youth for their material well-being, but without mad competition and keeping in mind that this world is a transitory phase, a test, and a preparation for the life hereafter.

The curriculum is seen as the whole teaching-learning activity both inside and outside the classroom.

An equal measure of importance is given to:

Skills associated with:

The curriculum emphasises at all stages and at appropriate levels:

Admission Syllabi


All assessments are carried out in a relaxed and informal manner. There are no formal end of term tests.

Formal mid-year examination is held at the end of the first term and an annual examination at the conclusion of the final term. In addition to the examination results, the term marks reflect a student’s all round progress, including performance in course-work assignments, projects and tests.

Examinations are modeled on the Divisional Board pattern giving due consideration to the academic attainment targets of the classes concerned. Trial examinations are held in preparation for the final examination after course coverage.

The unified examinations ensure uniformity in syllabus coverage as well as the marking process. These examinations enhance the school’s philosophy of continually working towards academic excellence. Each campus has developed its own examination cell to ensure sanctity of the examination process.

Salient Academic Features

In this age of aimless materialistic and secular approach towards education, Dar-e-Arqam is one of a few pioneer schools of formal education where you may witness quite comfortably, a sublime blend of high standard contemporary education with revealed moral and ethical ethos. This is our dream to equip our students with most modern education along with moral and spiritual training for making them useful citizens and true Muslims in their respective fields. Among traditional religious seminaries and contemporary formal education system, Dar-e-Arqam Schools reflect the goods of both worlds.

Central Departments

Research & Development

R&D functions entail the development of new, improved books supporting the latest pedagogical approach. Compilation of workbooks not only attracts children but also appeals to their psychology providing Day-Wise Planners and Academic Calendar. DAS syllabus is not picked and chosen for what is on the shelves in the market but a masterpiece combination of Islamic and worldly knowledge. R&D focuses on contemporary educational trends contributing towards the holistic development of children.

IT Department

The school management system has been supervised by the IT department. All the data related to student academics i.e., attendance, examinations, results, and timetable updated digitally on DAS mobile application and software, which is easily accessible to parents. Likewise, basic computer training has been provided to staff and students through a customized curriculum, to get them up to speed with the latest technology.

Training and monitoring Department functions with a vision to develop a motivated, proactive. dedicated and disciplined team of “Educators” through high-quality capacity building for top-class service delivery, and is striving hard to train the maximum number of Teachers & staff members. It is the apex training department responsible for imparting quality training to the management and all levels of team members in our schools throughout the Region. In order to inculcate requisite attitudes, skills, and behaviors and to deliver education efficiently and effectively.

Training & Monitoring

Senior Classes

Hifz e Quran and Nazra Quran

Dar-e-Arqam is the trailblazer of launching Hifz class to give an overriding status to the noble practise of committing the Holy Quran to memory. Hifz Classes enjoy a VIP status with well-furnished and fully air-conditioned classrooms. These Students are also kept closer to the basic know-how of formal education. Moreover, Special Arrangement has been made for proper teaching of Nazra Quran to all students of regular classes simultaneously with the general education.

Emphasis on Islamic education

A special period is designated for students of all the class levels in which basic Islamic values and manners regarding routine matters of personal life have been taught according to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.


DAS has well-researched “centralized examination system” executed at the end of two academic terms within a year. Alongside, there are two mid-term exams to further strengthen the system and to enable the student to prepare themselves for final exams. While daily, weekly and quarterly test system have been developed especially for 8th, 9th and 10th classes. Before the board examinations, 45 days rigorous revision test system has been introduced for student’s preparation in line with Sargodha board examination pattern.

Junior Classes

Total Child Development Program (TCDP)

For the first time in Pakistan, Dar-e-Arqam schools have introduced a comprehensive value education program comprising of theme-based TCDP books and assembly manuals. TCDP has been designed to ensure our student development reaching beyond the scope of curricula. It targets holistic growth including social, physical, emotional, verbal, and spiritual aspects of a child’s life, making this program a recipe for creating responsible citizens and good Muslims.

Scarlett Series

An attractive Activity/creativity-based/Fun for Learn Curriculum designed for Montessori classes in line with modern trends of early childhood education.

  • A set of 6 readers.
  • Workbooks for a whole year.
  • Mobile applications for the creative development of our children.
  • Helping kit for teachers.
  • Activity-based assessments and learning.
  • Teacher’s manual containing daily plans and activities.
  • 3D classroom model.

Activity-Based Learning

Activity-based learning especially in Junior Classes is assured to clear the concepts & develop a better understanding of different ideas. It is a comprehensively designed preschool curriculum that focuses on hands-on or activity-based learning for Montessori. Theme-based activities have been conducted throughout the year planned around children’s interests, curiosity, and their natural quest for knowledge. It fosters the preschooler’s growth and encourages interaction.

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